Finding a SEO Company

.01 Reasoning

Regardless if your a new or have been around online for a while there is no doubt that having proper marketing done to your website helps out. But you first need to figure out your plan on action and why you're looking for an SEO company in the first place.

.02 Selection

You need to be extremely thorough with selecting a search engine optimization agency. You need to read reviews as well as look into their current clients and figure out if they're happy with the service they're providing to them.

In our Example here we'd like to talk about finding a Toronto SEO company. Normally you'd just do a search on Google and probably open up the first result. There's no problem with that but should take a look at a few of the other results to get better gauage on how each provides their services. You'll want to look at the price points and timeframes they're offering.

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.03 Types

Local SEO that focuses on small business.

National SEO that focuses on large brands.

Finding one that support a combination of both local and national.

.04 Contact

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