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Im.going that now. But the picture strikes me. I wear board shorts, tshirt, trucker hat, sunglasses and flip flops. EVERYDAY. And im.still hot. How the hell did they where all.those clothes everyday? And man was it different than it is now. I mean everything is different
That was around 92 I did that,  but I sorta haven't stopped.  Mikes  jersey sub ain't to bad. They might be near you
What a conundrum we've placed ourselves in. 

Yes abha, the synthroid messes me up.  I'm not crying g over sponge bob anymore.  I've got it kinda undercontrol. Haha yeah right. My levels are checking out nicely, no strange weight gains, and clear emotions and decision making.  But it messed with me big time. And I now understand and appreciate what women go.through constantly.  It's made me understand nature better. More perspectives.  Guys, you don't have to win every battle. Let the girls win here and there ;)

My outbursts of vomitus, haha have been centered around some heart stuff I'm going through.  And some high weirdness with my acupuncturist friday.

I might do one more. I figured more stuff out. But I'll spare the world and move to speakeasy. I told.slass.and she didn't think I was going mental. I need some medical advice anyways.
Financial News / Re: Deflationary Collapse Ahead?
« Last post by frothng on Today at 02:05:14 AM »
Yeah. When I get my shit back.together. it will happen. I have seriously discombobulated this past three months, sucks
 I've got some vanilla essential oil that will blow you away though.  Soak your filter, and you will be spinning.
The best face you can put on it is he didn't actually read the papers and just went with what the popular articles said about it.  But every time I've gotten from one of Guy's statements to the actual paper it's always been like this...

So, it sounds like you object to what you see as Guy's sloppiness? I suppose that is valid.

OTOH, it really is difficult to tell what or who to believe in a lot of cases. For example--I found an article in the Lancet that panned the whole peer review process. I posted it after rbrgs was harping about how he wouldn't accept views around the validity alternative health methods that had not gone through sufficient peer review. In some cases that process has been very politicized and distorted with regards to specific areas of science.

Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science and journals

Richard Smith

April 2006 vol. 99 no. 4 178-182

And there can be trouble relative to a whole plethoria of issues around peer reviewed published studies--the design can be poor, or the funders have an agenda that is not mentioned.

Yes, we want the studies to be accurate and reflect the realities so we can make an accurate judgement. We long for purity in science and the application of the scientific method.

I am not sure how lucky we will be to get it.
Financial News / Re: Debt Rattle August 30 2015
« Last post by frothng on Today at 02:01:17 AM »
Oh chess, I think your boys would fit right in ;) that suggestion from.zac, was the single best vision I've had in my head since my first vagina.  Monumental idea zac, can I come?  I want to see this.
I don't know if guy is right. You did your due diligence and it seems your intrepetations are stronger. But you are looking at this purely analytically. There's a point you need to acknowledge we are all.part of one system. If you step out of the numbers and let the whole thing absorb. The non linear points, then you might see that the models don't fit.

Why does it have to be he said she said. Shooting the messenger doesn't get a dialoge to far.i think guy has always stated it's his intrepretations, take it or leave it. I bet he's approaching the data from his emotional side. We need to start doing that more.  You won't agree, but the suppression of the pineal gland was for this moment. The zenith moment to make a difference, and we will foolishly all.stop.breathing soon while arguing time lines. That's some fucked up.shit.  and we all.agree basically. Imagine what it would take to get things right.
And, it hasn't been just a couple of years considering the data that Thoreau collected. As noted in the article I posted:

Over the 155 intervening years, the average temperature in Concord increased by 2.4C, they estimate.

That is indeed what the article says here:

If you look up the paper they refer to as the source (same author mentioned in article):
PNAS September 19, 2008
Phylogenetic patterns of species loss in Thoreau’s woods are driven by climate change

All this paper says on the subject of how much temp rise has occurred is here (left column 1st page):
It has been shown recently (11) that the mean annual temperature in the Concord area has risen by 2.4 °C over the past ≈100 years and that this temperature change is associated with shifts in flowering time: species are now flowering an average of 7 days earlier than in Thoreau’s time.

Note the (11) which leads to another paper they are referencing which can be found here:
Ecology 89(2), 2008

Which says early in page one:
From 1852 through 2006, Concord warmed by 2.4°C due to global climate change and urbanization.

That shows the period involved was 154 years.  It also says the 2.4°C was a combination of climate change *and* urban heating.  It does not say how much of the 2.4°C was global warming nor how much of it was due to the urban heat island effect.  So of your original article, the paper it was based on, and the reference that paper points to, none of them say that the 2.4°C rise is all due to climate change.

I've dig into this subject before.  When I was chasing Guy McPherson statements and finding in *every* case I could get down to the source paper that he was misapplying or misinterpreting what the paper actually said. He also used 2.4°C and claimed that was all climate change.

I posted about this before, but the link I used then went dead.  The paper has since gone open access, so I can point to that paper which was also about the changes in flowering times since Thoreau's time and was by the *same* author your original article was about.

BioScience (2012) 62 (2) pages 170-181
Uncovering, Collecting, and Analyzing Records to Investigate the Ecological Impacts of Climate Change: A Template from Thoreau’s Concord

On page 4 of that PDF in the left column, you'll find this:
(snip out of a very long run on sentence)
...and that average annual temperature values recorded in the greater Boston area since Thoreau’s time have grown steadily warmer, in part because of global warming and the urban-heat-island effect (2.4°C warming over 155 years, R2 = .57, p < .001; box 2; Miller-Rushing and Primack 2008).

In 'Box 2' in the left column of that same page they talk about where that 2.4°C came from:
Large urban areas, like metropolitan Boston, which includes Concord, can provide model locations to study the impacts of climate change. Whereas global temperatures have increased by around 0.7 degrees Celsius (°C) over the past 100 years, many cities have warmed more than that because of the urban-heat-island effect (Arnfield 2003). Buildings, paved roads, sidewalks, and parking lots absorb heat during the day and release that heat during the night, creating a much warmer environment than the surrounding countryside. Boston and Concord have warmed over 2°C since the time of Thoreau, with about two-thirds of this increase probably caused by the urban-heat-island effect (figure 3; Miller-Rushing and Primack 2008). As a consequence, we can expect to see more effects of climate change in places like Boston than in nonurban areas. Furthermore, the warming temperatures that places like Boston have experienced in recent decades are similar to the amount of warming forecast for more rural areas in the coming century (Hayhoe et al. 2007). Therefore, urban areas may provide reasonable model systems to examine some of the effects of climate change on plants and animals.

So the very author of the paper your article was about does not claim the 2.4°C is due to global warming.  He says 0.7°C of global warming and the balance 1.7°C is due to urban heat island effect and they are using that to get a preview of what the effects would be if global warming had actually risen 2.4°C.

Want to venture a guess why Guy uses the 2.4°C number and claims it's how much warming has already happened? "See how much faster it's happening than the climate scientists say"

The best face you can put on it is he didn't actually read the papers and just went with what the popular articles said about it.  But every time I've gotten from one of Guy's statements to the actual paper it's always been like this...

The Lounge / Re: stoners are people too
« Last post by frothng on Today at 01:25:36 AM »
Anytime.  I've been trying to talk to swampy too.  It's weird. I have no cellar reception at my house anymore. I think it's the humidity.  Right at sunset it gets a little.better..sorta. then the humidity comes back at night and the reception disappears. Very strange. Once I'm out of bed next week I'll have normal reception around town.  I can text and type My Happy Ass Off On My Little Phone,,lalala lala.  Though.

Personally that's my proudest moment, a wall of vomit that could compete with one of your wall's of vomit,,it's like a barfaapooloza, all.accomished on a 4" keyboard.
Financial News / Re: DOW Thread for Friday 8-28-2015- Prediction.. PAIN!
« Last post by sceptic on Today at 01:24:56 AM »
Not hard to guess that you were (day)trading fx on a short time frame.....Notoriously hard for mere mortals to make it in that racket.....It will seem like a much better Algo has been assigned just to counter you! And ironically it is often the very human emotions such as fear, greed that trip people up. So you may have a fighting chance. You who are able to look at yourself and be honest, how long have you been at it? made much money? Anyway, good luck....

I dont do it for the amounts of money.....just to be free of depending on this system of lying and bullshit. Its not as if I have anyone I want to impress.....if you have to buy love or respect, its not worth it. So I make enuff to live well....however at some stage I want to get into putting info out there to counter the capitalist bs which is coming at us from both sides. I dont know whether this will work but thats the plan.

edit: There is an underlying order to the market. Any algo to succeed MUST replicate that order to sustain itself.
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