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Yeah....PG&E has a long history of screwing people over as evidenced by this case:

Pg&E Erin Brokovich Case
General Discussion / Re: Defacto Martial Law
« Last post by graveday on Today at 04:28:52 AM »
Roadhead is so much better than roadrage, even if it did not happen.  These guys are dicks, the town must have dicks for leaders, and the shitizens need to step up. 
Jmhpolar has a very valid point. 
They are corporate murderers, pure and simple.  And the fines are merely a sloppy slap to one of their appendages.
I pray for Calamity and turn to nurse Jane meanwhile.
When a tobacco company with giant monetary resources can sue a nation like Uruguay with minimal monetary resources because they have a national plan to reduce smoking, it is getting pretty weird. 
The claim is Uruguay is 'taking' profit, so they're suing.  Crazeeeee, but true.  The TPP will only strengthen the ability to pull off such shit.
Energy News / Re: AEO 2015, The EIA’s Crude Production Expectations
« Last post by graveday on Today at 04:06:58 AM »
The party is still over, it is just that the guests won't leave.
Sony Emails Show Industry Execs Pushing for Trade Deal
"Broadcast media has not devoted much air time to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, an agreement that will greatly impact 40 percent of the global economy. But hacked emails from Sony reveal that media industry executives have been engaged in active discussions about the agreement behind closed doors.'
Prison Labor Company Features Promo Video Touting “Best-Kept Secret in Outsourcing”
"Searching for the “best kept secret in outsourcing,” one that can “provide you with all the advantages” of domestic workers, but with “offshore prices”? Try prison labor! That’s the message of Unicor, also known as Federal Prison Industries, a government-owned corporation that employs federal workers for as little as 23 cents an hour to manufacture military uniforms, furniture, electronics and other products."

Energy News / Re: AEO 2015, The EIA’s Crude Production Expectations
« Last post by Warmfeet on Today at 01:29:32 AM »

by Ron Patterson Posted on April 17, 2015   

The EIA came out with its final update of Annual Energy Outlook 2015. It seems that the EIA is extremely optimistic concerning future US crude oil production.

This "oil party" may last longer than peak oilers anticipated (I include myself).  Good news for hard-bitten capitalists, bad news for current life on this planet (I don't include hard-bitten capitalists as life).  Brennus, you have always been stalwart regarding the posting of news related to peak oil.  I salute you!  Thank you for your diligence.  :)   

So let up a big Bronx cheer to all of the politicians and bureaucrats and high-minded engineers and NGO white collars who continually try to sell you their version of the scheme by which the demon can be bridled and made to do the bidding of the righteous. One moment’s glance at a news feed will turn up hundreds of these schemes, littered with plans for progressive taxation, solar panels, deregulation, and geo-engineering. They are wasting what precious little time might remain, and worse, they are convincing you that you are powerless and that they are powerful. The truth is that they are the overseers of this plantation, and you alone hold the key to your liberation.

I hold the key to my own liberation.  Definitely working on it - moving slowly, but making progress (no, not the bad kind of progress).  Very fine writing once again Dig.   :)
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