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Breaking News / Re: Ten killed in mass shooting at Oregon community college
« Last post by Chesire on October 06, 2015, 06:05:54 PM »
when someone says sometimes i come to a 12 step meeting just so i don't have to be crazy all by myself for an hour or so  I get that

Reformed drunks are some of the most interesting folks I've ever met, at least some of them.   ;)

some of them is right , my 12 step statistics guy tells me that around 75 % of the people that come in , never stick around long enough to die sober 
Hey, great to see you posting, Periol.   And I concur.
Haha awesome story.  I tried ghost chillis.  The dog ate them before they ever got hot.  That would have been funny

I love dogs!  My dog eats deer poop if he gets the chance and he loves to roll around on small dead animals (kinda wish he would kill deer and then roll around on them).  He is wonderful.  I still grow regular habaneros - that is plenty hot for me.


I love dogs too. Mine likes to kill small animals. This is both good and bad. Bad when its my chickens. Good when its rats.
Experts say that the Schrems decision nukes the uncomfortable political compromise of creating a "safe harbour" for data exports that the EU and the USA thrashed out in 2000, that became untenable after former NSA sysadmin Edward Snowden spilled the beans. No matter how much Brussels bureaucrats want their latest Safe Harbour fudge to work - the cat's out of the bag. US companies that export data are fundamentally illegal in Europe.

"The power of the European Commission has been cut significantly, and [that of] the data protection authorities increased," one industry insider told us. "It isn't difficult to imagine US companies asking 'Why would we negotiate a new Safe Harbour agreement? The Commission can't follow through'."

But it also raises profound constitutional questions for Europe. The European Parliament isn't supreme in the EU: the European Court interprets a charter of Fundamental Rights, and its rulings permit member states to chuck out European law. They've gone and done just that before - and the Schrems ruling is so emphatic that attempts to resurrect Safe Harbour are almost certain to meet the same fate.
General Discussion / Re: Americans Living in Fear
« Last post by Chesire on October 06, 2015, 03:35:28 PM »
with a bit of practice  one can load a single shell at time in a bolt action rifle and keep up a pretty impressive rate of fire . Have seen people grab a fistful of shells and blow right through them when testing out ballistic metrics
This one's a biggie  ;D
In a landmark ruling that will have far-reaching repercussions, Europe’s highest court has ruled that data sharing between the EU and US under the Safe Harbour framework is invalid.

The decision in the Max Schrems case on Tuesday morning has been anticipated for months, but now legal eagles will have to work out how to manage the situation.

Safe Harbour is a fig-leaf agreement set up 16 years ago to create a way for US businesses to transfer EU citizens’ personal data to the US even though American data protection laws are not up to the European standard. Following the revelations by rogue sysadmin Edward Snowden that US businesses were being compelled to hand over personal data under the Prism programme, Austrian law student Schrems complained to the Irish data protection commissioner - Facebook’s EU operations are head-quartered in Ireland – that his privacy rights were being violated.
“Furthermore, national security, public interest and law enforcement requirements of the United States prevail over the safe harbour scheme, so that United States undertakings are bound to disregard, without limitation, the protective rules laid down by that scheme where they conflict with such requirements. The United States safe harbour scheme thus enables interference, by United States public authorities, with the fundamental rights of persons,” said the ECJ in a press statement.
Technically that means that this particular ball is back in the Irish DPA’s court. But in reality, it means that the almost 5,000 companies relying on Safe Harbour for transferring EU data to US servers no longer have that safety net.

US businesses and authorities alike will be furious with the decision, lawyers will be rubbing their hands with glee and the European Commission will be shaking its head and wondering where it all went wrong.

Updated with link
General Discussion / Re: Americans Living in Fear
« Last post by HiddenFarmer on October 06, 2015, 03:14:10 PM »
seems we aussies may also be living in fear .... just read this item on our national news website:

"A new version of a controversial rapid-fire shotgun is being imported into Australia, bypassing a year-long ban imposed in the wake of the fatal Sydney siege."

more guns means more killings - especially with rapid-fire guns.   bad move for oz.

Since when is a 5 shot semi auto shotgun considered rapid fire LMAO. This is considered an essential farm implement in my neck of the woods.
General Discussion / Re: Americans Living in Fear
« Last post by Chesire on October 06, 2015, 02:56:49 PM »
when is the rest of the world going to digest one simple fact  americans not only don't give a puddle of rancid cat shit what you think , we don't have too.

i will be the first to admit that after years of media saturation  americans in general are not afraid of zombies, aliens , com bloc forces or orcs , it won't be any of those things coming through the window wtshtf it will be your fellow citizens who are cold starving armed and angry looking to take your last roll of ass swipe and cans of tuna in mercury seasoning .

I live in the hood , I just happen to be caucasian  even if you don't pack a gun , everyone assumes you do due to skin color . Have had more than one justifiable use of deadly force incident . Frankly if i need a gun to deal with the street trash round here  I may as well pack it up and move to cave in the middle of nowhere. Even if i was legally armed and carrying events would not have turned out differently  I can choose not to use deadly force , I can't choose to unshoot  someone.
Sweet of you, but I've been on several lists just for being born in the "wrong" family, then as a journalist writing against ETA and Scientology, then being a peacekeeper who saw weird stuff, working for a much-denostated peace organizational, and now I'm a published author there's no way I'll ever self-censor. That's SO un-Hungarian  :P

well it is not as bad as knowing "the wrong family from hungary "zichy mustac"  a family that does not exist... any more  :angel: a ghost that disappeared in 1956  I am. even going of the beaten track researching Sárkány  ...... and related mythology from different groups around the world so far off the beaten track people will think I am crazy ....after digesting the wes papers I accept that the world is run a lot differently that I though I knew it was
Financial News / Re: Fed Scared to Raise Rates-Nomi Prins
« Last post by Spellbound on October 06, 2015, 02:08:48 PM »
I like insane and crazee , , , cuz I hate being crazee all by myself.
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