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The universe can be a very sticky place, but just how sticky is a matter of debate.

That is because for decades cosmologists have had trouble reconciling the classic notion of viscosity based on the laws of thermodynamics with Einstein's general theory of relativity. However, a team from Vanderbilt University has come up with a fundamentally new mathematical formulation of the problem that appears to bridge this long-standing gap.

The new math has some significant implications for the ultimate fate of the universe. It tends to favor one of the more radical scenarios that cosmologists have come up with known as the "Big Rip." It may also shed new light on the basic nature of dark energy.

The new approach was developed by Assistant Professor of Mathematics Marcelo Disconzi in collaboration with physics professors Thomas Kephart and Robert Scherrer and is described in a paper published earlier this year in the journal Physical Review D.

"Marcelo has come up with a simpler and more elegant formulation that is mathematically sound and obeys all the applicable physical laws," said Scherrer.

Article goes on to discuss how this may explain much of the observed 'dark energy' effects.

General Discussion / Re: spacex rocket explodes
« Last post by Spellbound on June 30, 2015, 11:37:35 PM »
Why the heck does is seem so inappropriate to think about an X-Rated Space Rocket exploding ???
General Discussion / Re: Report: In test dogfight, F-35 gets waxed by F-16
« Last post by Spellbound on June 30, 2015, 11:35:59 PM »
^^^ Just fly them to the desert and park them all next to those unwanted C-17's.  It's a shame that none of that expensive ammo was used to knock them out of the sky though.
California governor signs bill eliminating personal vaccine exemptions
Gov. Brown: "The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children."

On Tuesday, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed into law one of the most stringent vaccination laws in the United States, eliminating the state's previous personal and religious belief exemption for vaccines.

Under the new law, which takes effect January 1, 2016, all California schoolchildren must prove that they have been vaccinated in order to attend school. They can only be exempted when that child’s physician explicitly approves it.

General Discussion / Re: We In America should be very worried about this.
« Last post by FeelingAwake on June 30, 2015, 11:31:29 PM »
Thanks Warmfeet..

Here is a link to the first part of Century of the Self.. BEST VIDEO to wake people up.. I credit this along with a few other videos for really waking me up. Goes to the core of what I am taking about.

Goes back to the nephew of Freud, Edward Bernays... He was actually hired by the Department of Defense to come up with a propaganda(advertising) to promote hatred of the Communists(Better Red than Dead).

He single handedly created the advertising that is credited with getting women to smoke..   IT'S A FREEDOM STICK, show you are an independent woman by smoking.

He took the revolutionary discoveries that his famous uncle found and turned it against humanity.


Link to part 1 or 4.. I assume everyone has seen it, but if not>> WATCH IT!!


Propaganda cannot create feelings or action that wasn't already there on some level.. The Nazi Propaganda didn't create Jewish hate, it only made it politically and personally OK...

The usage of Social Media coupled with the NSA snooping has allowed for nearly instantaneous listening to the masses and inciting them to action..


Found a great quote in Chris Hedges latest that illustrates my thoughts on propaganda perfectly:

Corporate propaganda saturates the public, especially a generation wedded to new technology, with these lies. Its power, however, comes from the meticulous study of the moods, prejudices, whims and desires of the public, to manipulate the masses in their own language and emotions. Konrad Heiden made this point when he examined fascist propaganda in Nazi Germany, noting that propaganda must detect the murmur of the public “and translate it into intelligible utterance and convincing action.”

“The true aim of political propaganda is not to influence, but to study, the masses,” Heiden wrote. “The speaker is in constant communication with the masses; he hears an echo, and senses the inner vibration.” Heiden, forced to flee Nazi Germany, went on: “When a resonance issues from the depths of the substance, the masses have given him the pitch; he knows in what terms he must finally address them. Rather than a means of directing the mass mind, propaganda is a technique for riding with the masses. It is not a machine to make wind but a sail to catch the wind.”

This is exactly how social control works.  "The Century of The Self" is very informative regarding this issue.  What a great, thought provoking thread this has turned out to be - the best one in quite a while.  Thank you Robert and everyone else that has contributed.   :)
General Discussion / Report: In test dogfight, F-35 gets waxed by F-16
« Last post by Grumalg on June 30, 2015, 11:26:20 PM »
F-35 pilot found his aircraft "substantially inferior" in close battle.
In the report, which Axe had obtained but did not publish in full, the F-35 pilot reported that his aircraft was in a "clean" configuration for the test, carrying nothing under its wings or in its internal weapons bays. The F-16, on the other hand, was flying with under-wing external fuel drop-tanks, which in theory would have put the aircraft at an aerodynamic disadvantage.

Apparently, it didn't. "Even with the limited F-16 target configuration, the F-35A remained at a distinct energy disadvantage for every engagement," the F-35 pilot reported. That means the F-35 constantly found itself flying slower and more sluggishly, unable to effectively maneuver to get the F-16 in its sights.
In an interview with the CBC's The Fifth Estate in November of 2014, F-16 co-designer Pierre Sprey berated the F-35 "inherently a terrible plane, because it's built based on a dumb idea"—a multirole, multi-service aircraft. "You've compromised the aircraft horribly for three different missions, and then you've compromised it again for three different services." He said the aircraft was "astonishingly unmaneuverable" because of its ratio of wing surface to weight. "In dogfighting, it's hopeless. "While much of what Sprey said in that interview has been rebutted at length elsewhere, the F-35 test pilot report seems to offer the same conclusion.

Of course the defense contractors will keep the lobby money flowing to insure large quantities of the F-35 are built...

Spell bound can you expand your post..

I am using 2 small blue/Red panels in a small closet to grow some plants.. And it is working it great...I did a lot of research and LOT of the pot growers are moving in this direction because of electrical usage and heat production.

As is probably noted in the article, is the intensity factor.. You have to get lights close to the plants.

^^^ Oh, it is. Those Targeted Life Ending Disruptor's are a extremely efficient means of thinning out the population, and the plants luv them.
Yep , , , it's very important to use extra water in drought-stricken areas.

Article contains maps showing where the fluid use is highest.


A Purdue University study shows that targeting plants with red and blue LEDs provides energy-efficient lighting in contained environments, a finding that could advance the development of crop-growth modules for space exploration.

Research led by Cary Mitchell, professor of horticulture, and then-master's student Lucie Poulet found that leaf lettuce thrived under a 95-to-5 ratio of red and blue light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, placed close to the plant canopy. The targeted LED lighting used about 90 percent less electrical power per growing area than traditional lighting and an additional 50 percent less energy than full-coverage LED lighting.

While the research was aimed for space use, it would be equally applicable on earth.

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