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Thank you so much, Gin, for finding his photo. I am like a border-collie in personality, i guess... i am discovering..., and important it was really needed to see his photo, just to feel a bit more grounded.  You might never really understand how important it was for me to see Portals... and he is Handsome, isn't he?  Oh what a light. Shit, i'm sorry i missed him. I bet he was awesome in bed.

imo.. it's nice to put a face to a name and smiling down on us..

source his daughters facebook page posted Feb 2014..

Gromit: quote block tags corrected
Breaking News / Re: Acts of Terrorism in Canada
« Last post by slasslass on Today at 08:31:02 AM »
... Whatever it is, it will be milked for every political drop it has. ...

Yes, HF, the event will be used like twice boiled chicken bones to make more of an event, to make it political, to help the chicken-shit mind-set, to fear fear fear ad nauseum. 

The job of politics and government has nothing to do with being useful, helpful, compassionate, organizing and discerning good from bad. The job of politics - government - is the action to control.

i spit on anyone who says otherwise

edit: sorry for my angsty post, but i am sick and tired of the political diarhea drama. all of the mysterious explanations for gunmen. What the hell happened to claiming responsibility for actions? None of this makes any sense to me: Sandy Hook, this event today, missing airplanes, and such.

A real terrorist would be claiming responsibility, no? So if no claim or stake in the game is made, wouldn't there be a possibility of an inside job, or just a nut-case letting loose. In the former (which doesn't seem to be the case) it makes senses. There is something over which to barter and wager. In the latter case, wouldn't there be a history, a background check and at least a profile?

The misinformation in so many of the so-called brutal slayings, beatings and Events that have taken place on home ground here in Canada and especially in the USA is mind-boggling, and even though i am not at all conspiratorial in nature, it would be hard for me, as a sane person, not to believe in such a cause.

There is not one iota of sanity in our representatives, our so-called leaders. In fact, i doubt that there is any communication or relationship between voter and whoever is voted in as representative of the voting people.

The leading nation of the world, i'm guessing, is still the old U.S. of A., my neighbour to the south. I wonder how many Americans still believe in their flag, still believe in their dogma, such as knowing how to sing the American National Anthem?

Probably a lot. Because it is enforced and imposed as necessary in order to toe the line as a successful member of the worlds most powerful, ruthless, and dehumanizing empires ever to have existed on planet earth. God save America[ns].
The Occupy Forum / Re: Occupy London
« Last post by Jock on Today at 08:05:49 AM »
Apparently the square has been cleared.

People assembled were "calling for greater democracy in the UK and halts to (the) privatization program" of NHS. I wonder if Westminster hopes to replicate the stunning success of Obamacare?

I hope not. For all its faults the NHS is probably the best national health care system on the face of the planet. The focus is still on curing people. Once you end up with a US style sickcare system then the focus is on profiting from illness. At this point you don't try to cure because the money is in repeat business treating symptoms rather than losing customers by actually fixing what is wrong with them.
NHS staff must take 'personal responsibility' for protecting themselves from Ebola

NHS staff should not expect to be "nannied" about how to protect themselves from Ebola and must take "personal responsibility", the Chief Medical Officer has warned.

I reckon many nhs staff will give a two fingered salute and head for home in the event of an Ebola outbreak. Reading between the lines this is preparing the ground to blame the front line people if they are infected.  (get out clause for the nhs trusts and insurance companies)
The Lounge / Re: Melcryptovestimentaphilia
« Last post by Mr. Goosebumps on Today at 05:56:34 AM »
How does one tell the difference between underwear worn by black women and those of other races? I feel like such a rube! :-\
General Discussion / Re: God's Wife . . .
« Last post by Mr. Goosebumps on Today at 05:52:33 AM »
Never read these before. They were amazing and made my day. Thank you.
to give intelligence a 10% chance of survival. Then again, I'm a cynical old brain damaged curmudgeon and should be ignored.
I can relate.  My situation is so bad that I have no Facebook-Friends.
Breaking News / Re: Acts of Terrorism in Canada
« Last post by HiddenFarmer on Today at 05:11:44 AM »
If there were more than one shooter than the keystone Kops are in charge. That they only have one shooter dead after 9 hours or so tells me that's all there is the rest is political milage


If this was false flag, whoever set it up should lose their pension. Storming the Capitol with a lever action 30-30? Does this look like 1895? We'll be the laughingstock at the next false flag convention over this. That goes double for ISIS. AL-Qaeda would be staining their prayer mats with tears of mirth.

In my opinion this was some dipshit who was already fucked up to begin. Converting to Islam and becoming a self-professed terrorist was just the next step in his evolution of crazy. No different than the guy who says aliens made him do it.

Whatever it is, it will be milked for every political drop it has. Here comes Bill C-13 without a whimper, more involvement overseas, more cavity searches all around.

How this all plays out is something that will be a long time in the making. 
Breaking News / Re: Acts of Terrorism in Canada
« Last post by maverickrose on Today at 04:16:24 AM »
Ottawa shootings: Corporal Nathan Cirillo watched over sacred Tomb of Unknown Soldier
"NATHAN Cirillo, aged 24, has been identified as the soldier killed by a gunman at the National War Memorial in an attack on Canada’s capital, Ottawa. 
He was a Ceremonial Guard: A soldier intended to feature in the background of photographs, not to fight terrorists. He died after being gunned down in the heart of Canada’s parliamentary precinct.

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