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Energy News / Re: No more Goldilocks zone for oil
« Last post by Dead…..MEAT! on March 26, 2015, 07:38:16 PM »
If you read between the lines of EIA Today In Energy articles, there appears to be an idea among the forecaster types that dialing up and down drilling rates can provide a far more flexible system of regulating supply versus demand than previously suspected. It appears to make sense, and jive with what Bermn says here as well:

If these wells in the US will really fall off THAT FAST, then this is all a matter of waiting, demand increases, supply quickly decreases, and as price begins to rise again the soulless frackers and drill baby drill folks will slowly get back in business….and supply will increase…again…and then the only question is will those godless people QUIT before they just turn it into another supply glut? Will the Fed keep money choked back a little so Wall Street is forced to be a little more discerning with who it foists these ponzi schemes off on, and the new supply will come in gradually, as opposed to coming on faster than the US has ever seen before, which drove this huge marginal oversupply issue.

I think everyone might be right, but the question is will equilibrium arrive within whatever the new Goldilocks range is, or can it only boom and bust forever, which will just encourage folks to continue buying EVs and conserving and trying to minimize the effect of these swings on their budget or business.

Yesterday i finished covering the squash and corn field with horse manure and straw.  Two months yet to planting.  This is the third year doing such, and the soil is looking great.  May first the black plastic will go down to warm the space and zorch weed seeds.

As long as food growing is done with oil powered machines, it wont be done right.
Edward Hyams' classic book Soil and Civilization:
Self-Reliance: Mind and Body / Re: Beyond Hope
« Last post by frothng on March 26, 2015, 06:47:24 PM »
I had this whole hope thing typed out for you guys.  But I started getting short of breath and having chest pains. So  now I'm laying in ER. I think my near drowning may have fuck ed me up more than I thought. So I Hope I don't loose even more quality of life,,,hope is for suckers.  I think these days, I find happiness when it's available, enjoy each minute you can, because reality doesn't care much for hope, and for me it's easier to deal.with the reality as it comes and not ateach hope to it. 
That's where I'm at warmy.  I like reading the graphs and stuff, but really?  Just go outside, I have yet to hear one person say, sure seems normal.these days,,,, 8) ;D
General Discussion / Re: Storage is Destroying our lives... Maybe the world?
« Last post by comrade simba on March 26, 2015, 06:15:11 PM »
Hahahaha - buy a little storage drawer endtable type thing and within a few weeks one of the drawers is too full to open easily and crap piled on top is sliding off.

Rule: Flat surfaces collect.
General Discussion / Re: Have I Commited "Systemic" Child Abuse?
« Last post by comrade simba on March 26, 2015, 05:53:08 PM »
I moved out to the homestead on my boy's third birthday. He grew up feeding chickens and he can whittle a bow set, whip off a shoelace and make fire. Now, ten years later, we moved to town, sold the farm, and it feels like my life's work has been rendered moot.

Yep, it all should have gone fucko bazzoo  long long ago but the beat goes on. I maintain a seed stock, tools, and a 2 year supply of food. The rest is just popcorn and a big wad of fuckit. I get a 10% employee discount when I buy Jiffy Pots at Lowe's. The other part of that job is selling poison and concrete garden ornaments. I know I'm sane because I can see how stupid that all is.

Just do what makes you feel the most happy - we ain't getting out of here alive.
greatest social silence of all . . .

MLK: In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

V One of the best documentaries I have ever seen.  A wonderful film.  :)

Or, go outside, hahaha. Because some shit is weird, real weird.  I dont need no confusing graph. The ocean is 65 right now, it should be 56 or so this time of year. We are having crazy Catalina Eddies, it's a June thing usually, but we have had them all.winter.  we had no clearing winds. Weird. All winter, not one clearing wind.  The kite/windsurf forums are all lit up the last few months. A lot of wind "nuts" are all seeing dramatic trade intensity decreases throughout the world. Not just sporadic stuff.  And believe me, when you buy 2000$ kites and you have 3 of them, people start to notice when their smaller gear is now useless.  Something has flipped recently, I hope it's a transitional thingy.

Don't dare say climate change though, everybody I know flatly denies it

Good point froth.  Things are weird enough to see with your own eyes these days.  In the region where I live, we have 100 year rain or 100 year snow events every few years now - they should just stop calling them 100 year events  ::).  Torrential downpours are far more common these days than they once were and droughts seem to be longer and more extreme.
Energy News / Re: No more Goldilocks zone for oil
« Last post by megadoom on March 26, 2015, 05:04:55 PM »
Economists simply do not know how to deal with a resource that isn't limitless.

Oh, they know it's not limitless, but the theory of progress is that something always comes along that replaces that which has been exhausted or depleted enough that it's now too expensive. Free market capitalism 101. Free being a true misnomer.

As far as manipulation goes, ALL commodity prices are manipulated by those that produce them. However, the cost of fracking and sources of production are not so easily manipulated as those who have a "sweet" source of cheap oil. Oil prices, unlike other commodities, has numerous inputs into the market price.

The point though is that oil prices can no longer find stability so I'd say the fuse is lit to WWIII.
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