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Honeyville Farms GMO policy
« on: December 07, 2010, 01:27:23 PM »
I've bought at HF in the past, but I was getting nervous about GMO stuff, so I wrote to them asking about their policy. They sent me this, in pdf format. I thought you all would be interested, since I'm sure a number of you also buy from HF. I question their assertion that "At the present time genetically modified wheat has not been commercially released to the public". Any comments on this would be appreciated.

To: Our Valued Customers
Re: Non-GMO Validation Certificate

Grain products, including corn and wheat, processed or cleaned at Honeyville Grain, Inc. are recognized as being non-transgenic and free of genetically altered sources as currently defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and are within the validation supplied by Pioneer Hi-Bred International cited below.

Regarding corn products: Honeyville Food Products, Inc. currently receives only “Pioneer” hybrid seed varieties of corn. Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. provides a validation certificate, which states that “Pioneer” seed variety corn products were developed by using traditional plant breeding without the use of molecular genetic modification techniques. These products have been produced according to internationally acceptable standards and meet the accepted standards [?] for seed purity. However, grain traits can be mingled mechanically in the grain handling process or genetically in the course of pollination. Thus, 100% purity, either in genetic make-up or in the absence of foreign material content, is currently not achievable for any agricultural product, including corn seed.

Regarding wheat products: At the present time genetically modified wheat has not been commercially released to the public. Based on this, the wheat that we are originating and processing is GMO free. This may change, however, in 2-3 years as progress is made to genetically enhance wheat which would enable flour production with value added traits. Currently no genetically modified wheat is scheduled for release.

Jose Parra
Quality Assurance Manager
Honeyville Food Products


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Re: Honeyville Farms GMO policy
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2010, 02:03:15 PM »
It sounds pretty straightforward to me...with the requisite amount of CYA in there.

Monsanto opened Pandora's Box with a lot of this stuff...unless it's of the terminator variety (as far as I know), there is no way to totally avoid it 100%.

Taking the long view, it's probably fortunate that there is no profit motive in manipulating the genes of wildflowers and weeds...just the stuff we eat that will mostly fade away once we do.